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BETACHEK® C50 Cassette blood glucose meter




The BETACHEK® C50 all-in-one meter is the world’s first blood glucose meter with a 50-test cassette and fully integrated lancing.

Strip-free blood glucose monitoring

No more test strips.

Handling of individual test strips is a thing of the past with the BETACHEK® C50.

Our patented cassette technology simplifies  blood glucose testing, providing better outcomes for diabetes management.

Never again handle test strips: simply push and click a new 50-test cassette into place when needed.

No waste disposal

After testing, the BETACHEK® C50 stores used tests in a separate chamber of the cassette. No mess, no fuss.

Ideal for on-the-go testing; in the car, on public transport, or enjoying the great outdoors.

Integrated lancing device

No need for a separate lancing device.

BETACHEK® C50 is the first fully-equipped blood glucose meter with integrated lancing, in a single compact device.

Engineered to reduce pain

The precision built-in lancing mechanism has 10 penetration settings, and uses our BetaComfort™ anti-vibration technology to provide virtually pain-free sampling. This technology uses inertia-based, lateral stabilisers within the spring mechanism to create a clean micro-cut without any skin tearing.  This not only reduces pain but also reduces skin calluses and desensitisation even with intense use over the longer-term.

True pocket testing

With three items in one compact device (91.5 x 58 x 19.5mm), everything you need fits easily into a pocket or purse. You will never need to carry a lancing device or container of test strips again.

Accuracy you can rely on

In the tradition of Betachek’s commitment to quality and excellence in diabetes management, since 1988, the BETACHEK® C50 blood glucose meter meets or exceeds the requirements of EN ISO 15197 (2013). Optimal accuracy is achieved by each cassette containing a microchip that communicates lot-specific calibration data and real-time operational information to the meter.


BETACHEK® C50 results are automatically transmitted* to your device via Bluetooth making it easy to view, save and manage your health data.

* BETACHEK® C50 has an on-board internal bluetooth transmitter. There is no need to purchase any additional hardware.
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