BETACHEK®  Visual Blood glucose test strips

BETACHEK® Visual “Colour-match” blood glucose test strips

Test without a meter

Simple. Accurate.


3 simple steps to test with BETACHEK® Visual

1. Apply blood

2. Wipe
(after 30 secs)

3. Match colours to determine the result

The test result is achieved by matching the developed colour on the test strip to the colour chart on the label.

BETACHEK® Visual provides the most accurate and convenient way to test blood glucose without a meter.

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BETACHEK® Visual is the benchmark for simple and accurate, meter-free blood glucose monitoring, trusted by diabetes patients in more than 50 countries since it was launched in 1988.
Continually benefitting from ongoing research and improvements, today’s BETACHEK® Visual has a new formula with improved colours, providing even more visually discernible results on the colour scale, faster test time, a smaller blood sample size, and a more compact pack size.
BETACHEK® Visual is a indispensable addition to a professional first aid kit. With a long shelf-life, no moving parts, batteries or electronics, BETACHEK® Visual provides the assurance of an accurate blood glucose reading under any circumstances.
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BETACHEK® Visual: The most trusted and longest selling visually-read blood glucose test strip in the world