“With the most portable blood glucose meter ever, it’s easy to keep my diabetes under control”

All in one

Blood glucose meter 
+ Integrated Lancing
+ 50-test Cassette

Blood glucose measuring without handling individual test strips

  1. Lance finger
  2. Apply blood
  3. Result


50 tests on one cassette

With the BETACHEK C50, the handling of individual test strips is a thing of the past. When needed, simply insert a new 50-test cassette and no coding is needed.

No waste disposal

After testing, used tests are stored in a separate chamber of the test cassette.

Fully Integrated Lancing
- No cumbersome "clip-ons"

No separate lancing device is required. The finger is lanced directly on the device.

Wireless data transfer (Fully Integrated)

Connect wirelessly to mobile apps.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Flexible and mobile blood glucose monitoring


All in one

Blood glucose meter + lancing device + 50 test cassette

Test strip-free blood glucose measurement

50 tests can be performed with one cassette.

No separate lancing device required.

Integrated lancing device

Tiny blood sample

The meter requires only 0.3 μl of blood.

5 sec test time

The test takes approx. 5 seconds

Test on the go

Ideal for tests on the move, in the car, on public transport or in the great outdoors.

Testkassetten in Ihrer Apotheke erhältlich

Test cassettes are available with or without a doctor's prescription.

Environmentally friendly

No individual test strips to dispose of / No harmful ingredients - test cassette does not contain heavy metals as test strips do

Send results to your doctor

Your results can be transferred wirelessly to your mobile device, so you can easily view, manage and send your health data.

Blood glucose meter

45 €

Complete starter set
incl. 2 x Cassettes
(100 tests)

30-day money-back guarantee

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return the products to us for a full refund.


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